In 2011, Tony Cruz, Co-Founder of Do-Gooder and Amnesty International Shareholder Activist traveled to Ecuador to view the devastation left behind by oil companies.


Two Do-Gooder kids, Saoirse and Charlie, appeal to Matt Damon to bring clean water to people of Ecuador; communities ravaged by decades of toxic contamination by Big Oil companies.

Desperate to find the hero building rainwater catchment systems for Ecuadorian people affected by toxic dumping from oil companies, media bias gives credit to the 7-Time Multitask Champion, GX-47. This video is Do-Gooder's support of project Clearwater via Groundwork Opportunities.

GX-47 - the seven-time Multitask Champion - depends on Do-Gooder Oil to ensure that every task he initiates is completed without error. It starts with our petrol free formula. While other brands use methods that destroy human habitat and lives, Do-Gooder Oil is 100% Human Safe®.