What is the main purpose of Do-Gooder?
Do-Gooder is an entertainment company that creates productions and products that give back to support victims of corporate irresponsibility and human rights violations.

What are Do-Gooder's political beliefs?
We’re issue based. Do-Gooder is a non-partisan company. Our focus is and always will be on people who are victims and educating the public at large using the best, unbiased data we can find. That isn’t to say we won’t report or share political developments of a project we are focused on, but if we do, it’s from the perspective of the victims not our political beliefs. Do-Gooder knows with the current state of the mass media, trust is a big issue and we need people from all political viewpoints to understand that if we present a campaign the data we represent will be well researched and accurate.

How much profit does Do-Gooder make on each piece of merchandise?
It varies because of the price to produce a product or production. However, once we actually start making money, we'll be releasing our financials on a yearly basis like any accountable company. Transparency is a big deal to us and we think people should be able to trust us.

Where does Do-Gooder see itself in 10 years?
We see ourselves becoming a full blown media company producing TV shows, movies, and other entertainment. In the end, what Do-Gooder really wants to do is entertain you while bringing important issues to light and make a contribution to resolving them. If we can make you laugh or have a good cry while trying to change the world for the better, mission accomplished for us.

How do you select your beneficiaries?
We originally selected our beneficiaries through word of mouth from our NGO friends and networks. Now, we use Charity Navigator as a major part of that decision making process to assure that the charities we select have staff and financial transparency as well as the same passion we have for making the world a better place.

When I buy a shirt, how much money goes to the cause?
Generally, we give 10% of the retail price of a t-shirt to a cause we support. Even without factoring the cost of creating the t-shirt, that’s quite a chunk of change.

Now think about other companies who only make or sell products. How much do they give to charity or causes? Target gives back 5% (under certain conditions) to local schools. Sales Force and Google give back 1% of their billions of dollars. This is all highly commendable, but we wanted to create a company on the foundations of giving back from our products.