Last Sunday I had the privilege of helping feed the homeless in San Diego for Thanksgiving with Mission Gathering Church. Their ministry, Urban Street Angels is committed to improving the lives of homeless youth and spends every Friday night in downtown San Diego and nearby beach areas reaching out to to them providing food, clothing and love. I was first exposed to their work during a conversation with my filmmaker buddy Drew Renaud. Drew has been an active member of Urban Street Angels documenting the incredible stories of heartbreak and triumph by these amazing individuals. As I watched the footage he had captured, it was evident to me that I needed to see this first hand. So, on Sunday, after whipping together a mean green bean casserole (made by my awesome mother), I joined dozens of others at Mission Gathering as we prepared individualized lunches and passed them out to youth in the Ocean Beach and Downtown San Diego areas. As we approached them, I witnessed dozens of faces light up as they received a warm plate of food or a bag of toiletries. The gratitude they expressed was beyond a simple thank you. It was an energy you could feel emanating off of their bodies. In a time where Christianity has been co-opted with right wing conservatives who blast gay marriage and illegal immigrants, I feel so blessed to be a part of a church that really embodies the true love of Jesus Christ.