Travis van Rijn is a rising comic talent and has been a devout supporter of Do-Gooder. But not only is he one funny schmuck, he also gives a fu@k about the world and fears its ultimate demise if we don't do something. (Don't get him started on organized religion. Yikes!. Ha ha). But all joking aside, Travis is one of those guys who'll jump in and do anything for a friend or someone in need. We're proud to support his endeavors as he has been a part of the Do-Gooder family for many years. This week, Do-Gooder will be at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Saturday, March 28th @ 6:00 p.m as Travis opens up for Bryan Callen (Mad TV and the Hangover). Recently, we caught up to do this cheesy but informative interview. Enjoy.


DG: Why did you want to become a comedian?

TVR: George Carlin. Plus I've always enjoyed performing. I did theater when I was young. Stand up seemed the simplest to pursue in that you only have to rely on yourself. 


DG: What makes a good comic?

TVR: Being George Carlin. Haha. For me a good comic/comedian entertains as well as educates. They speak truths...well attempt to...and try to create awareness.


DG: Have you ever choked or been heckled?

TVR: Yes. I cut my set short after forgetting it and trying to fill in by grasping for thoughts and ended up telling unfinished material. It was the worst. As far as heckled, I dealt with a drunk guy at a bar who thought he was part of the show cuz it was his birthday. I partially shut him down and finished my set. Later the bartender made him leave. He claimed he'd never come back. His wife stayed behind for the rest of the show.  She said it wasn't the first time he'd threatened not to return. Haha creatures of habit we are.


DG: What's the biggest joke we deal with as society?

TVR: Communication. Or lack thereof. ..which lends itself to comedy a lot I think. That and the US Congress. Which proves my first point.


DG: When was the last time you laughed so hard you peed your pants?

TVR: Well the show Community has amazing writing and it makes me laugh so hard I cry. So I guess it makes my eyes pee.


DG: Tell us something interesting or unusual about stand up.

TVR: It's incredibly exhausting. The open mic grind is tough. Because it's all just comics waiting for their 5 minutes to test new stuff and no one is paying attention. But you get to meet great people who are as jaded as yourself. 


DG: Who is a comic genius that you respect?

TVR: So many...George Carlin, obviously. He made me realize the impact comedy makes on people. And Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart because they showed me the impact comedy can have on public policy.


DG: Give us an example of new material. We promise to be kind.

TVR: Something about that manned mission to Mars in the news being ruined because of two people in the program that are bitter sports rivals...I dunno...they create a Lord of the Flies scenario or something...