On November 14th, Do-Gooder was a guest at Groundwork Opportunities GO 100 Event. During the event, Michelle, Jon and I spoke about the company and how we came to become GO Champions. It was our first speaking engagement as a group.

After we spoke, my friend, Brian Hogg, moved by the speech, approached me and asked me how much the rainwater catchment system was. I informed Brian that they were around $1300. With no hesitation, Brian then said, “Ok, you just got one for Christmas”. I was floored by Brian’s magnanimous gesture. Brian went on to say “Chris and I give to a needy family every year and why not an Ecuadorian family?”



To understand what makes Brian’s gift more unique, you need to understand Brian’s politics. Brian grew up in Texas oil country. He is fairly conservative, and he has mixed views on Chevron’s role of the pollution in Ecuador. But as he stated to me once before and that evening “People need clean water.” Brian was emblematic of many of experiences I had that evening.

In the presence of individuals from all socio-economic and political backgrounds, the need to provide clean water for everyone translated to everyone.  Do-Gooder wants to thank Brian Hogg and his partner, Chris Rising, for their amazing contribution to Do-Gooder’s Ecuador fund. Thank you, Brian and Chris, for bringing an Ecuadorian family clean water for the rest of their lives.

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