As huge music lovers, we couldn't wait to add “LISTEN” to our site. That day has finally come. It is with great excitement we present our partnership with the amazingly talented Matt Jaffe and The Distractions.

It’s been a thrill getting to know this young talent, who by the way is attending Yale while building his music career. We were blown away when we caught his show earlier this year at Slims and knew this band would be an awesome launch to Do-Gooder's music focus. 

Their sound is simple and pop-influenced on the surface, but it isn’t long before you realize there’s a lot more going on. While the band falls into the Indie sphere, diverse influences ranging from Elvis Costello to The Talking Heads are evident giving the music a unique timelessness but with just the right amount of edge. It definitely catches your ear and hooks you in while the quality of musicianship is unmistakable.

We first met with Matt at the legendary Sweetwater, where Matt is a regular and knew about half the people that walked in. At age 18, Matt is enlightened beyond his years and is sincerely a good guy who wants to use his talent for positive change. 

So just what does this partnership look like? You can see for yourself by viewing the new “LISTEN” page on our site but here’s the run-down:

  • An exclusive track, “Behind Enemy Lines”, available exclusively through Do-Gooder
  • A limited-edition poster designed for Do-Gooder by bass player Sammie Fischer and signed by the band
  • Matt Jaffe and The Distractions shows where you’ll find the Do-Gooder pop-up shop (find us and say hi!)
  • Live recording of a Matt Jaffe show

Matt also visited us and played an intimate set we’ll be sharing with you so keep a look out! And this is just the start. We look forward to a long lasting partnership and more importantly, friendship. We’ll be watching with earnest certainty that this rising band will be huge one day soon! We're just happy getting to know them before the craziness starts.