By Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Co-Founder

When you first came into our lives last year, you left a lasting impression right away. Like…you kind of stunk. Sorry baby, but you did. Right out of the box you smelled, and being new to this, I didn't understand. I knew I was supposed to love you because you were so beautiful (which I know every owner says about his little t-shirt) but I wasn't feeling it because you stank little baby. Michelle said it was the sulfur and that all we needed to do was wash you up and give you a good bath. And you know what? She was right. We washed you and we made you presentable to the world because ultimately, you weren't meant to stay with us forever. You were born to spread the message of  "Good Stopped Playing Nice". It was branded on your chest. And your message will be seen around the world to help those in need like our friends in Ecuador who need clean water.

This week, for the first time, a boutique owner took you in- Rachel Konte from Owl N Wood. She is a beautiful soul and she will take good care of you. We hope you get along with the other t-shirts. And don't be shy. Be bold. Put yourself out there! Say, "Buy me! And help me help others!" We know you'll make us proud. We love you. Now go out there and Do-Good!

Your DG Dad,