By Jon Meyer, Co-Founder of Do-Gooder

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to write this post than the day before Thanksgiving.   No, I’m not going to do the trite blog entry that assumes you have friends, family, and a giant meal ahead of you and make you feel guilty about it.  Does it say Debbie Downer in the by-line? Hell no. But I am going to dig into what Do-Gooder is thankful for in the month since our official launch.

Last Wednesday, the Do-Gooder team were featured Champions at Groundwork Opportunities’ Give 100 event in San Francisco. We want to say a BIG thank you to GO and everybody who showed up. It was an amazing evening of people, strength, and friendship. I haven’t hugged that many strangers since that one News Year’s in San Francisco’s Union Square.

Myself, Michelle, and Tony spoke to why we became GO Champions and why we chose to provide rainwater catchment systems as our first official campaign. I long-windedly explained that capitalism doesn’t have to be a dirty word and that companies should build giving into their business model; Michelle told that our goal is to get a single rainwater catchment system for a family for this Christmas; and Tony discussed his personal experiences in Ecuador seeing the toxic damage first hand and the affected people.

As part of the event, we decided to give 100% of the profits of each shirt sold that night to help build the rainwater catchment systems.

We’re happy to announce that we sold twelve shirts, raising a total of $250. Considering there were 70 people there, that’s really good! Thanks again.

Just as important, we met some great new friends and people who are just as passionate about helping others as we are. I worked the table most of the night (I just didn’t have time to get out into the crowd and mingle), but the people who showed up and I talked with had great questions about Do-Gooder, our mission, and our long term goals. People seemed pretty excited and even offered to volunteer! Wow! I also did my best to explain how we plan on creating fun entertainment and awesome retail products and plan to do so ethically and transparently while helping people in need.

Myself, and the rest of the team, believe to our core that both new and old companies can give more than 1/1/1. It’s never too late to build this into the business plan as part of your growth strategy. As an entrepreneur, you can build a better business plan that doesn’t just end in an exit strategy, but improves the quality of life of people, if not saving lives outright. For Do-Gooder, we’re starting with 20% of retail prices go to our causes and we will fight to keep the giving as high as possible.

So, I’ll stop rambling about Do-Gooder and start doing some thanking.

  • Thank you Bart, Jenny, Heather, and everybody at GO for creating a company that allows anybody to fundraise for projects to assist developing countries in health, education, and safety. The work you have been doing is amazing and we’re proud to be a part of it.
  • Thank you to the attendees: you showed us that there are so many people who want to contribute to bring awareness and help to people in need and some have a strong vision of what they are doing and others just need a glimpse of a compass and they’re off to save the world. Really incredible.
  • Thanks to the people who bought shirts! Your contributions have already been added to our GO Champion Page and we’re getting closer to getting that rainwater catchment system for Christmas! The shirts are pretty sweet and they make great gifts and give you a warm fuzzy knowing it’s helping some people who need clean water.
  • Thank you to ING Direct for letting us use their cafe free of charge so such an amazing event can happen!

From myself, Michelle, and Tony, have a great Thanksgiving.