Four years ago, I met Leo while I was visiting Puerto Vallarta with my sister on a "get the hell outta dodge" weekend. Leo owns Sama, a local gay bar and popular PV establishment for the last 5 years. It's a cozy little place tucked away on the south end of old Puerto Vallarta. Sama serves up the tastiest cocktails which Leo takes much pride in cultivating. He mixes the experience with a splash of your favorite pop tunes ranging anywhere from retro 80s music to current artists such as Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. 

A few highlights about Sama: There's this beautiful feeling that you've come home like an old familiar friend you don't talk to for months but when you walk in the door it's like not a day has passed. You're also going to make friends. It can be an old queen harking to the glory days when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton ruled Puerto Vallarta to a group of German tourists checking out the Mexican talent. Either way, you'll definitely have a story to talk about when you go home. It's an eclectic space set up to encourage engagement and celebrate diversity.

Leo signs the Do-Gooder shirt in support of our friends in Ecuador who need clean water as a result of years of oil pollution. You can too by donating  here . 

Leo opened Sama for his love of people but his greatest pursuit is to help the community. "In 10 years that I've lived here, I've always wanted to help an organization, but I don't believe in some because you help them but you really don't know where the money is going. I wanted to help the people directly". So, on Sama's 5th Anniversary, Leo did just that and held an open bar for those who came and donated to his toy drive. "Something about it made me so emotional because to do something like this was priceless. In one day we brought in 80 to 90 toys and those toys we gave away to the children on the street who sell chicklets and flowers. And to see them smiling, there are no words." Through his future endeavors, Leo will continue his do-gooder path helping as many children as he can in Puerto Vallarta.


- Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Founder