Yvonne Elmasri, Founder of PynkCelebrity and I met a few years ago while we were volunteering our time to support a fellow Do-Gooder, Kimberly Moore and her organization Adopt A Letter; an organization dear to Yvonne's heart who she has passionately supported through PynkCelebrity.  At this event, Yvonne and I had the privilege to pass out Christmas presents to underprivileged youth all over South Central Los Angeles; kids who may not have had a Christmas if it were not for Adopt A Letter. Yvonne has continued to support and promote the organization through PynkCelebrity lending her time and her heart. 

Yvonne has an extensive entertainment history working for such companies as The Examiner and Rick Dees Entertainment. As years passed, she realized that there was a lack of positive and inspiring content in entertainment news.  She asked "Why isn't there more news on the good that celebrities do in the world?"  From this burning question, was born in 2009. Today PynkCelebrity is a refreshing alternative to the salacious gossip that dominates the Hollywood mainstream.

In the following Do-Gooder audio interview, Yvonne shares with us a little bit about her journey with PynkCelebrity:

Yvonne Elmasri, Founder of PynkCelebrity signs the Do-Gooder T-Shirt which is traveling the planet to raise $$ for clean water in Ecuador

Do-Gooder would like to thank Yvonne for all the inspiring work she's doing through PynkCelebrity and supporting Do-Gooder's mission to bring clean water to people in Ecuador who live with cancer related diseases from decades of environmental contamination by powerful oil companies. You can learn more about this in the short Do-Gooder documentary The Messenger where DG traveled to Ecuador to meet with the victims and hear their stories of hardship. You can also help as well by making a donation here. Anything helps. Thank you!