Earlier this year, I met actor, Simon Quarterman when I was visiting a friend of mine who works for a film producer in Los Angeles. Simon was preparing to head off to the gym when we crossed paths. We had a brief conversation which later would become a number of conversations about life, dreams and spirituality. It quickly became evident to me that Simon was not the misguided fame hungry Hollywood type. He's grounded, has a huge heart and a desire to spread goodness in the world. Do-Gooder is thrilled that he has lent himself as a support for our work and to help raise funds for our friends in Ecuador.

Simon signing the DG shirt in support of Ecuador.

Simon signing the DG shirt in support of Ecuador.

Next month, Simon will be filming a series for HBO called Westworld working with such great actors as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, and Evan Rachel Wood. Simon's most notable work was playing a young priest conducting exorcisms in the film The Devil Inside. Do-Gooder interviewed Simon and below is a sample of the interview. The full interview can be found on our homepage

Please help us keep the ball rolling and raise funds for our friends in Ecuador who need clean water. You can make a donation here. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

- Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Founder