Do-Gooder Founder- Tony Cruz


I love to travel. I have been humbled with the ability to see the world. It's been a privilege and blessing. One of the questions I'm always asked by friends and family is "How are people different?" And what I've learned is that we really aren't. We all want the same things. We dream. We want love. We want peace and happiness. But unfortunately there are people in the world who live in such dire straights that their hope for happiness is greatly diminished because of a simple lack of something we take for granted every day: clean water. This is the reality for Do-Gooder's friends in Ecuador who live with decades of environmental contamination. I've witnessed their suffering and it is a burden that no one should ever have to bear. Unspeakable lives lost, families destroyed, and all for oil. Oil. 

So I had this idea a while back. "What if we sent a shirt out there into the world to raise $$$ for families in Ecuador. With all of the love and good intentions, could a simple t-shirt make a difference? Would people care? Would they give? Could you rally people behind a t-shirt?" And the answer in my gut was "Yes! Just put it out in the world, let it go, and it will all fall into place!"

So here we are. The first log of our humble beginnings of the journey of our little Do-Gooder t-shirt. Starting today, Do-Gooder will embark on a tour across the world sharing the story of our friends in Ecuador fighting for their lives and also documenting stories of other unsung tireless heroes who are currently changing the world in their communities everyday; individuals who have dealt with their share of challenges and who have gone unnoticed until now. Everyday people will have an opportunity to sign the DG shirt, donate to the cause, and share their experience through a blog, photo or video. The t-shirt will be a symbol of hope that will travel the globe and later offered to one of the Ecuadorean families to let them know that they have not been forgotten. So, it begins ... on the Gold Coast of Australia........

You can learn more about the plight of our friends in Ecuador and make a donation here. Any amount helps! For every $1400 raised, we can provide a family clean water for a lifetime. So... to my family and all the friends I've met along the way, I want to say thank you. You were my inspiration. This video is for you..


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