JASON PIZZINO- the case for carbs


In 2011, I met Jason Pizzino, a personal trainer from Australia, while I was traveling in Ecuador to document and help those affected by Chevron's pollution in the Amazon. Jason was on a South American holiday with some buddies when we met at a hostel in the capital of Quito. After just witnessing the pollution in the Amazon, it was nice to be able to share the story of this environmental battle to those who were not aware of the case. But it was also good to decompress. We had an amazing night out in Quito and have not seen each other since until now. Jason is a huge proponent of living a clean and healthy life. In our current culture where meat is highly touted to build muscle and lose weight, Jason challenges this paradigm and advocates for a high carb/vegan diet instead. We discussed his reasons over dinner where he touched on issues of environmental sustainability to personal health and wellness. Meanwhile, I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a schmuck as I stared down a massive pork chop in front of me. But this is what friends do: we challenge each other's ideas and try to take away something valuable and hopefully be better stewards in the world. It was food for thought. Jason blogs on clean eating but also tackles other relevant issues related to living a balanced life as well. Here are some examples:

Jason signs the Do-Gooder shirt in support of Ecuador

Jason signs the Do-Gooder shirt in support of Ecuador

A huge thanks to Jason for supporting Do-Gooder in helping bring clean water to our friends in Ecuador! If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so here.

- Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Founder