This Xmas 2013, I had the opportunity to support a fellow Do-Gooder and close friend, Kimberly Moore and her Adopt-A-Letter Program that answers the call of children's wishes to Santa all year round. This can range from a trip to Disneyland to basic necessities such as food and clothing. 

For two days, I joined Kimberly and other friends as we surprised underprivileged children in Los Angeles with gifts and presents; most of who would've gone without if it were not for Kimberly's help. It was one of the most memorable Christmases I had ever spent.  We had the privilege of coverage from FOX News LA who trailed us from one home to another. We also had actor Rodney Van Johnson from Oprah's "Raising Whitley" accompanying us lending his star power and his big heart. But the clearest stars were the children. 

One evening, we took a single mother and her seven children on a shopping spree at Marshalls where I learned from her only son that it was the first time he had ever gone shopping in his life. In another situation, I listened as a tearful young woman described how Kimberly changed her life stating "I never thought there were good people in the world before I met her. I saw so many bad things. But Kimberly made me see that there are people who care. She made me see who I wanted to be."

 And these were only a few of the beautiful stories I witnessed. In the end, we handed out tons of presents and helped spread hope and joy, but it became very clear that they were giving back to us something so much more: unconditional love and a reminder that we should always be grateful.

-Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Co-Founder