Do-Gooder is happy to announce our IndieGoGo campaign! We started this campaign to raise money for shirts to sell to benefit Ecuadorians who have their land poisoned by decades of toxic dumping from oil companies. UPDATE: Here is the video we made for the campaign:

We are partnering with Groundwork Opportunities who is representing ClearWater so the affected people in the Ecuadorian rainforest can have water catchment systems built. A single system will supply a family with 50 years of fresh drinking water. Neat!

Oh, sure, we hear you cynics out there, all stroking your beard and looking at this blog entry suspiciously: “Why are you raising money to sell stuff to raise money….hmmmmmm? Why not just give the money to the Ecuadorians, hmmmmm?”

Well played. Well played. But there is an answer.

Basically, Do-Gooder is a new for-profit company and we don't have the funds to get this project and the company off the ground on our own. We have BIG plans for retail and entertainment, but we need this little push to get started.

Here's the big idea with Do-Gooder: For our retail lines, 20% of the price of any Do-Gooder product will go to the cause we support. So you buy $100 worth of stuff, $20 goes to charity. None of that "this much of the profits, or after costs" stuff. We hate math and we know you do, too. We feel people should know exactly how much is going to the charity the second you click the "Buy" button. Now, go to the stores you frequent regularly and ask them what percentage of the retail price goes to charity. Wait for the laughter to stop. Now ask again...Aaaaand walk out saddened that more companies aren't trying to build charity into their business model.

We hope you think Do-Gooder is a company worth funding so we can fulfill this ambitious vision. We set up some pretty sweet incentives on our IndieGoGo campaign page (Michelle designed some great shirts that won't be relegated to laundry day) as well as an entertaining video (our opinion) that will haunt Jon for the rest of his life starring a Multitask Champion. As for Tony, well, he's got some great stuff lined up for everybody in about a month. So stay tuned. It's really fantastic.

We hope to do great things for people with Do-Gooder, but just need a little of your help to get there.


Jon, Tony, and Michelle