Last year, I traveled to Argentina and I met a young and vibrant tour guide by the name of Angeles Muzio. Angeles worked at Biking Buenos Aires,  a company operated by two guys from Colorado. It was such a stellar find and they treated me like family. The tour was remarkable and Angeles was one of their best: bright, articulate and with such a passion for Buenos Aires and her culture. We biked through the beautiful San Telmo/”Old Town” and saw its colorful cafes and farmers markets. We stopped by the Plaza de Mayo where Evita gave her famous speech. And then we treated ourselves to some good ole traditional Argentinian mate. During the break, I shared with her a little bit about Do-Gooder and our mission to harness the power of good in everyone. She lit up and immediately connected to our mission! Angeles is a do-gooder whose passion is to educate people on the power of a raw-vegan lifestyle. We sat down and talked about her mission to bring clean food to the world.


DG: Tell us how you got involved in the clean food movement?

AM:My raw-vegan lifestyle came to me from the sky. It started at a detox retreat where I worked as a volunteer last summer. It was a process. At first, I quit eating meat. Then I became a vegetarian/vegan and then from one day to the another and 2 months later, I became raw/vegan. I was into this!


DG: Was there someone in particular who inspired you? 

AM: Some years ago I met a very special human being; one of those angels the universe sends you. His name is Christian Sacomani, a Specialist in Neural Therapy (or known also as Neural Medicine). I went with him trying to cure a pain in my hip that I had for several years (the reason I quitted dancing, a previous passion of mine). Suddenly I started this newfound way of auto-discovery, which helped me locate toxins still hidden in my cells. In order to restore/reboot my system, Christian always recommended that I try a cleaning/detox diet. He mentioned a Nestor Palmetti and the Espacio Depurativo, a detox retreat resort in Cordoba. Palmetti learned firsthand many ways of curing a lot of degenerative diseases through deep organism cleaning, and by liver, kidney and colon detox, and ultimately followed by a raw-vegan diet.

In July 2014, my father was diagnosed with Cancer, and I was looking for alternative ways to treat him. My father wouldn't change his diet, so I found that apricot seeds were used in the Cancer treatment, so I went and bought them in a shop where products were coming from the same detox clinic in Cordoba. Christian would always talk about it. A lady who owned the shop had been there some time as a patient where she also treated herself. So, I started emailing them thinking it would be a good place for my father to go and clean himself; a place to help reestablish the order of his body, and eliminate the Cancer cells. Unfortunately he was too stubborn and his cancer too advanced. So, I thought I could at least try the process myself, and then maybe with all this information help my father in his treatment. The following summer, I signed myself up as a volunteer, for their exchange program.


DG: Why is this issue important to you?

AM: I realized what a powerful tool we have in our own hands: to take control of our own health and well-being. It's an important issue to spread around because one of the reasons why people are not taking advantage of this natural method to recover and maintain their health is due to the lack of information and powerful special interests in the medical and pharmacology industries. Natural methods are also underrated and do not get support from the medical community for obvious reasons.

We must understand we are owners and responsible for our own bodies and health, and that every disease is a disorder, produced not by destiny, God, luck or lack of it, genes, etc, but by ourselves. Thus, if we are responsible for this disorder because of such things as pollution and the amount of toxins accumulated in industrialized products (i.e. processed food, chemicals in antibiotics, medicines, excess of wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugar, HFCS, and animal protein) , we also have the power to solve this issue. Putting our health in the hands of someone else and focusing on fixing the problem instead of preventing it has led us to where we are.


ALTERNATIVES are there for us

NATURE has all the answers

PARADIGMS are making us slaves and need to be demolished!


DG: Is Argentina on board with the sustainable food movement?

AM: Argentina has no government policy and support for sustainable food yet. We are best known for meat, ice cream, and pastries, so the common diet includes very few raw options. Monsanto is still leading the business, cigarettes are very cheap, and in hospitals the meals provided to patients have almost no fresh veggies. Everything is upside down in our system and contributes to health disorder and not clear ideas, BUT the people are becoming more and more conscious and interested about REAL health, sustainable food, sustainable energy, spiritual awakening, etc. Raw-vegan diet is still not very common or well known, but vegan is a boom nowadays , so next step will be raw I guess. I feel very positive about the future.


DG: Tell us more about the project and ways people can get involved? 

AM: Mashamour (coming from the popular expression "Mas amor por favor" "More love, please") is a project that my partner, Sharon Vega, started 3 years ago, and last summer we joined forces together. Mashamour is a concept where love for others is the main purpose, and this love and care for others is given by nutrition served in delicious dishes. We share the passion for cooking, for eating, for feeling good, and believe in this way of doing it as we experience it ourselves everyday. Its such a powerful change we experienced that we wanted to share it with everyone. Nature is love. Taking care of ourselves by eating as the nature provides is for for the planet, LOVE.

Mashamour provides workshops where people can learn basics about raw diet and lifestyle by sharing recipes and nutritional facts, etc. and also practicing themselves how to do it and then sharing amongst each other all the delicious menus. We have several alternatives where we also share vegan recipes since it’s cooked, contains small portions of gluten and is the easy option for a transitional diet. We understand everyone has their own time and rhythm. and our goul is to accompany that with our personal experience and what we have learned vs. a fixed and pretentious model.

Mashamour has also different options for anyone who wants to try gourmet and delicious raw-vegan food. One of these is the "closed door dinner" we run every month in a beautiful historical colony architecture house in a very traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires. 

We also release several events like "conscious dinner" where people get to try this alternative and delicious menus blind folded where they experience textures, tastes, sounds, music, and scents. Another typical event is the “dinner class”, or “lunch class”, where guests learn how to prepare each dish. Last but not least, we deliver our own food and offer ourselves as "door to door chefs" (chef a domicilio in Spanish) giving the chance to people to have us cooking for themselves in their own house, or even taking a lesson in the coziness of their own couch.

If people would like more information, you can contact us by Facebook: Mashamour, e-mail:, or web (which is currently under construction). We are always happy to hear proposals, exchange of goods/information, pieces of advice, invitations, and donations to grow bigger! Thank you so much for your time!


DG: What’s a pearl of wisdom or advice that you live by that you can share with us? 


The last conversation I had with my father was while he was on his chemotherapy routine. I was accompanying him, and we had the most profound, open conversation we ever had. 

After years of being angry with his family, not being a social person at all, and falling into depression, he shared with me how he had discovered that love was the answer and the solution for everything. Being sick made him feel that love and giving was the only way of living. 1 week later he suddenly past away, and those words marked me forever...


-Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Founder