I first met Dan in college when he was working a Catholic youth group kiosk at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I still remember his bright eyed outlook on the world. We've been best friends ever since and have been there for each other through some the hardest times of our lives. Through breakups and breakthroughs to triumphs and tragedies, Dan has seen it all. And now we're here on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, signing the Do-Gooder shirt to help our friends in Ecuador and it still feels like we're still those two college kids who never gave up; hyper, enthusiastic and still out to change the world. It's rare when you find a brother in life who has the same passion to use creativity for good and to touch people's lives. 

Dan is the production manager for Transverb Studios in Brisbane, Australia, and his story begins with music. He fell absolutely and utterly in love with music as a kid. "I remember sneaking down to an old piano in my grandmothers house and spending hours playing. It was the beginning of a love affair that has never ended.”

Twenty years later Dan attended audio engineering school in Texas. “I had the privilege of taking a couple sound engineering classes taught by Les Williams who is a brilliant engineer and teacher; his credits include working with The Steve Miller Band and Willie Nelson." During this time, his passion for music collided with the science of sound recording and he has been producing music to this day.

It was in his late twenties, Dan picked up a camera and discovered a new creative medium: film production. On his first job, he set out to film a promotional documentary in Africa. "It was an exhilarating feeling to be filming Masai warriors, elephants on safari and the beautiful smiles of the people of Uganda and Kenya. I came back home, locked myself in a room for a week with my laptop and came out with video which really moved me. It was a magical experience.”

Since then Dan has travelled around the world making documentary films but he has also maintained a close relationship with his contacts in Australia. “I work with some of the best organizations in world. These are people who care about what they are doing and are looking to make a positive difference in the world. That gives me a great sense of connectivity and gratitude.” In 2013, Dan produced a promotional video for He Cares Foundation, an organization that serves to help homeless street children in the Manila:


If you would like to make a donation to the He Cares Foundation you can do so here.

Dan is working with Do-Gooder on a variety of projects as we travel the world striving to tell compelling and inspiring stories and help those in need. His positive energy is infectious. His kindness knows no bounds. We'll do great things Danny Boy!

- Tony Cruz, Do-Gooder Founder