Do-Gooder is a creative company with a burning desire to do GOOD. Our mission is to collaborate with others who share with our core passion to change the world. We do this by creating unforgettable experiences and events that stay with you. Goodness is a way of being. A state of mind. That moment when you meet someone for the first time and feel connected. Sitting amongst nature and experiencing a link to something greater. Reaching out to someone in need to offer a kind word, a sense of hope. That hope, the warm fuzzies only comes back to you two-fold. Doing good is the best kind of addiction.. and thankfully, it’s contagious





For the last 15 years Tony Cruz has dedicated his life fighting for the everyday underdog. As a Co-Founder of Do-Gooder, he has supported clean water initiatives in Ecuador and has been on the forefront on the war against child trafficking in the United States.. As a member of Amnesty International’s Business and Human Rights Advisory Board, he has engaged with CEOs of the largest multinational corporations on corporate and social responsibility issues which has been mentioned by the BBC, the Washington Post and in the New York Times Best Seller “The Secret History of the American Empire” by John Perkins. He has been an advocate on LGBT issues as the San Francisco Chairman of Soulforce; an interfaith human rights organization created by Mel White, former ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell. He has worked in the field of Social Services serving the homeless, mental health and traumatic brain injury communities. He has worked in the television and film industry for Disney, Sony and MGM, and has produced two short films, Broken and The Messenger; both films inspired by his human rights work.




Dan Saban is a passionate storyteller, video editor, audio engineer and cameraman. He has spent the last five years transversing the globe to capture the most compelling and beautiful images for his narratives. As a cameraman, he has filmed stories in Uganda, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Venezuela, Panama, Philippines and Australia. He believes that film is the perfect conduit for change as it gives a voice to those who are often forgotten. To that end, he works mainly with non-for-profits and organisations that strive to make a positive impact on the world. Daniel's most recent film production includes 'The Road to Adolfo', a documentary filmed in S. America about a man who walked around the world praying for unity and his most recent song production 'Revival' debut top 3 on the iTunes Australian inspirational chart.